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Primary School
Who are we?
Astana Garden School PRIMARY
Astana Garden School PRIMARY is a junior school (grades 0 - 6), in which the curriculum is an integration of the state compulsory standard of primary education, AGS components and Singapore mathematics and science.
AGS Primary offers subjects such as Languages, Mathematics, Arts, Science, Social Sciences, Physical and Personal Development. Education is built on the basis of authentic student research of interesting, rather complex and globally significant "big ideas". The principles and practice of teaching put the child at the center of the learning process as an "agent" of his development, raising an independent and conscious student.
Also in the elementary school curriculum, special attention is paid to a transdisciplinary approach that allows children to see a holistic picture of the world, form and confidently apply the universal skills necessary for lifelong learning.
In addition to traditional academic subjects, children are offered a variety of hobby groups and clubs where students can develop their abilities in sports, literature, art, technology and engineering.
Hight school
Astana Garden School
Astana Garden School is a high school (grades 7-11), whose training program is aimed at preparing students for admission to the best universities in the world and Nazarbayev University according to the talent and dream of everyone. Students undergo a rich and competitive curriculum with an increased focus on:
  • in-depth mastering of the English language;
  • Practical preparation for IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, NUFYPET tests;
  • project-based learning;
  • socio-emotional learning;
  • moral education and inculcation of global and national values;
  • critical thinking;
  • learning mathematics, especially when applied to real situations in business and science;
  • mastering the fundamental principles of the humanities and social sciences;
  • career guidance (studying the potential, interests and capabilities of the student, determining the trajectory of development, collecting a personal portfolio);
  • self-training (correcting mistakes, learning new material, passing practice tests, receiving feedback);
  • social development (school events and clubs);
  • sports development (healthy nutrition, sports sections, events and competitions);
  • Olympiad movement (intellectual Olympiads, events and competitions);
  • leadership development (socially significant events, internships and school self-government);
  • innovation development (startups and scientific projects).
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